Fozes a.k.a. Vader | Our fearless DJ who refuses to follow rules. With his diverse and unique sound, it’s actually hard to pinpoint his main style.

To quote him:

Honestly, I think it’s a shame to limit yourself to just one genre, sound or type“.

Just think of it like Kaytranada & Palms Trax having sex in front of you.


He is a one-of a kind talent combining House, Funky Disco, Catchy Soul & Vintage Italo with more experimental styles from breakbeat to electro.

His energetic character makes this social giant the perfect start to an unconventional night.  

Besides being always positive, this multitalented beast is also planning to finish his master degree in Environmental & Energy Sciences soon.

We are convinced he might also save the planet one day. What he will do for a living? He explained it once but that shit’s way too complicated.

 Due to his compassionate character and discipline he is and always will be an indispensable drerrie in 420 Soundsystem.

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