Marciano Slager, a.k.a Moxes (or Mars, for friends) is one of 420 Soundsystem’s founders, with a resident spot @ FLO. His notoriety is not only caused by his musical talents (or his massive afro) – you might know him from line-up spots @ the Oosterpoort, Graanfabriek, Simplon or Neushoorn.

His philosophy: “it’s not about the party, it’s about the people at the party.”

Everyone who knows him will tell you that he is a very likeable person. Moxes radiates a vibe of tranquility, warmth and most of all, positive energy.

Did you know? This handsome fucker is also part-time model! Check out his modeling instagram for more heat. Oh and by the way: he is still available for bookings 😉 Shoot him a DM!

Moxes has a way of making the people around him feel as happy & in the moment as he is himself, whether he’s spinning records or dancing to someone else’s music. When he’s at a party, you won’t go home without spotting his afro in the crowd. Find him close to the DJs, inspecting their ways of playing the decks, or at the bar, ordering his golden life elixir.  



Our beautiful Selene – unofficially known as DJ S.T. (we’ll let you figure out where that stands for) is known for playing very high BPM, dark techno as well as everything in the house spectrum. Her set is definitely always surprising, even for us.

As she puts it herself: “I love to create those special moments in my set, the ones that bring everybody together on the dancefloor.

Her style is best described as energetic, fun and high-energy. She plays the closing set at our next sesh, so be prepared to go out with a bang. Expect some raw techno with deep & dark influences. 

She is currently exploring more experimental sounds like trance, 90’s hard house and the “trippy” part of the electronic music spectrum. As a DJ, her vision is to always keep reinventing yourself even when playing the same musical styles. 

Apart from DJ’ing, her study event management seamlessly integrates with her plans for the future. The year 2019 has been crazy, playing lots of gigs, parties, afters and festivals. This year she hopes to include you all in her new plans. 

Want to see her play?



Fozes a.k.a. Vader | Our fearless DJ who refuses to follow rules. With his diverse and unique sound, it’s actually hard to pinpoint his main style.

To quote him:

Honestly, I think it’s a shame to limit yourself to just one genre, sound or type“.

Just think of it like Kaytranada & Palms Trax having sex in front of you.


He is a one-of a kind talent combining House, Funky Disco, Catchy Soul & Vintage Italo with more experimental styles from breakbeat to electro.

His energetic character makes this social giant the perfect start to an unconventional night.  

Besides being always positive, this multitalented beast is also planning to finish his master degree in Environmental & Energy Sciences soon.

We are convinced he might also save the planet one day. What he will do for a living? He explained it once but that shit’s way too complicated.

 Due to his compassionate character and discipline he is and always will be an indispensable drerrie in 420 Soundsystem.

Want to see him play?


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